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Safety Switches

Playing it safe with safety switches

Electrical safety is something that you should never take for granted. Safety switches protect you, your family and anyone visiting your home from electric shock. They turn off the power in a fraction of a second if a leakage of current is detected. This can happen if there is a faulty power point or electrical appliance or if you accidentally hit a live cable while drilling into a wall.

Safety Switch (RCD) Protect Your Family

In the case of faulty appliances or wiring, a safety switch disconnects the power to save you from a potentially fatal electric shock.

Circuit Breakers (MCB's) Protect Your Home

In new homes, it's a legal requirement to install circuit breakers and safety switches. Circuit breakers protect cables from damage in the event that they overload and short circuit. This prevents overheating, eliminating the risk of fire.

Surge Protection - Protects Your Possessions

Lightning strikes, power surges and voltage spikes can destroy your electronic equipment in an instant. Switchboard mounted surge protection devices (over voltage protection) prevent surges from entering your home.



Is today soon enough?

Important reasons to call us today would be if you are experiencing nuisance tripping of safety switches, burning smells, dimming lights, power fluctuations, arcing sounds or if you just want peace of mind about the safety of your home.

Sadly, despite all the advice, serious electrical injuries will occur each year in Australian homes. This is why it is important to ensure your home is electrically safe and sound.

Is One Safety Switch Enough?

Even if your home has a safety switch installed, one may not be enough to protect you from electric shock. A safety switch only protects you if it's on that circuit.

You should consider having safety switches installed on all circuits in your home, including power points, lights, air conditioning, oven, hot water and pool equipment circuits, even if they are on a separate tariff.

Safety Switches vs Circuit Breakers

Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers and fuses, but they perform different tasks. Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and turn off the power in a fraction of a second if a leakage of current is detected.

Safety switches provide personal protection against electric shock.

Circuit breakers protect an electrical circuit by quickly cutting power when there is a high current fault or overload that may cause a hazard.

Nuisance tripping of the Safety Switch could indicate a possible earth leakage problem due to faulty wiring or faulty appliance. Nuisance tripping of the circuit protection could indicate the possibility of excessive loads on a circuit, and additional circuits may need to be installed from the switchboard to reduce the load.

clipsal HPM safety switches

Our mission at Bocco Electrical is to ensure every home in Sydney is made safe and as electrically protected as it possibly can be.

We guarantee the combination of our experience, expertise and testing equipment, will ensure your home is not only safe for you but your entire family and friends.

NEVER IGNORE A TINGLE A slight tingle could be a sign of a much bigger problem. That's why if you feel one it's important to contact us straight away and we'll come out to your home 24/7, investigate the problem and make sure everything is safe. What feels like a tingling sensation is actually a mild electric shock. It's usually felt by the part of the body that makes contact with either a fixed appliance (such as metal taps, both inside and out), or a portable appliance such as a toaster or hair dryer.

Tingles occur for a variety of reasons including faults within the appliance or at the point of attachment (where the electrical wiring comes into your home).

It's important to note that while you may only feel a slight tingle, someone else in the family using an appliance that draws more voltage into the home may receive a stronger electric shock. This is why it is important to contact us when you first feel a tingle.

Safety Switches

Safety Switches


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